Eco-Dent Dental Floss: Petition

90% there

90% there

This floss has a cardboard dispenser rather than plastic! It’s fantastic. Unfortunately it has an inner plastic bag (removed in photo), the core the floss is wrapped around is plastic, and they put a plastic sticker on the front. Why, why, why? Please comment below to let Eco-Dent know how much you’d appreciate plastic-free packaging for their wonderful floss. I will send it on to the company when we have a hundred signatures.


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3 Responses to Eco-Dent Dental Floss: Petition

  1. Eco dent!! please remove your plastic packaging!

  2. I met someone last weekend who told me she flosses with cotton thread. Really. I’m gonna try it. 🙂

  3. Kerry says:

    Eco-dent remove the plastic packaging!!! thank you!

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