Jovial Pasta

Compostable bioplastic packaging

Compostable bioplastic packaging

Packaged in a carton made from 80% recycled cardboard, 100% recyclable. It’s tough to see in the thumbnail (click to enlarge), but there is a cut out window in the bottom right of the package with see-thru plastic. Believe it or not, it’s made from FSC certified wood pulp, and is certified 100% compostable. Hallelujah! Thank you, Jovial. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

1/30/11 – Email from Jovial Foods

Email from Jovial Foods:

Thanks Anne for recognizing our efforts in eco-packaging. I have attached more details for you [sustainability.pdf] . One of the reasons why everyone isn’t doing it is unfortunately because of money. Although we don’t discuss, the biodegradable packaging we use is really very costly. We hope our efforts will bring more on board and the price will go down in the future. The material is also more difficult to work with. Behind the scenes in the industry, slowly other companies are making efforts to use less plastic, but it is going slower than the informed consumer would like.

By the way, I believe you have only seen our einkorn pasta, which just has a window. Jovial brown rice pasta has an inner bag that is made from this material. We will be introducing cookies soon, the einkorn is in the eco packaging and we are testing the material for the gluten free cookies.

The realities of packaging are actually pretty scary, when you start to investigate and ask questions. Keep up the good work.


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