Organic Essence Lip Balm – Plastic free

Here’s a lip balm with a paper “eco tube”. Nice! I enjoyed reading on the company site that this innovation came from consumer demand. So let’s not stay quiet, huh?

Here’s what Organic Essence has to say about their “eco tube”:

We started here, at Organic Essence, using USDA certified organic ingredients for our lip balms, creams and soaps and pouring them into ordinary plastic containers. USDA certified organic are the most sustainable and the highest quality ingredients, worldwide. We don’t just add a smidgen like so many other cheap-wanna-be-organic companies. Ours are chock full of organic ingredients. So much in fact, that they all proudly hold the USDA seal.

This was confusing, to you, the end consumer. You asked, “Why do you have such great ingredients in plastic containers? Don’t you know that plastic is clogging our oceans and landfills? And, think of the mess its leaving behind for future generations to endure. Plastic practically lasts forever.”

You were right. We stopped dead in our tracks and began looking for biodegradable packaging, but there wasn’t anything around. Everybody puts their body care products into plastic containers. Oh sure, there were thinner plastics available and green-washing tricks like hiding a plastic container in a cardboard box. But, we weren’t satisfied with those mediocre solutions and we knew you wouldn’t be happy either.

After much creative brainstorming, we put our heads together and invented awesome eco packages. Our creams are poured into unique cardboard jars. And, we invented a revolutionary paper tube for our lip balms. Both the tube and jar can be cut up and put into your urban composter. Now, that’s safe, eco green and efficient.

You were right. There is too much reliance on plastic packaging and it’s not needed for many of the products in the marketplace. And, being mindful and caring for future generations is paramount.


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