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StellaMare Reed Diffuser – almost plastic-free

There’s another brand of diffuser called “Pacifica”, which I believe is the same company. The packaging is all paper except for a rubber band, a foil seal, and a plastic stopper. I’m always so happy to see products like this … Continue reading

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Organic Essence Lip Balm – Plastic free

Here’s a lip balm with a paper “eco tube”. Nice! I enjoyed reading on the company site that this innovation came from consumer demand. So let’s not stay quiet, huh? Here’s what Organic Essence has to say about their … Continue reading

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Emerita Tampons – Plastic-free

How hard is it to find tampons without the plastic wrapper? “Impossible,” you say? I thought so too. But here they are, from Emerita. I especially appreciate that the company has described the wrapper packaging on the box. How awesome … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz Organic Soda, plastic-free

Aluminum cans in a cardboard box. No plastic rings. As a bonus, 100% of electricity used to make the product is offset with certified renewable energy. I’m seeing a lot of canned soda packaged in boxes these days, so I … Continue reading

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Burt’s Bees Lip Balm: Petition

This is a wonderful lip balm, and I love the metal tin. One problem — Burt’s adds a plastic seal around the edge. <sigh> Please let Burt’s know how much you’d love to see this product plastic free. When we … Continue reading

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Eco Nuts Liquid Laundry Detergent, plastic-free

Super-concentrated liquid detergent comes in plastic-free food-grade coated aluminum bottle. It is totally plastic-free, unlike every other liquid detergent I’ve seen . What’s inside the bottle sounds pretty good too: soapberry extract, vegetable glycerin, olive leaf extract, Potassium Sorbate and … Continue reading

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Natural Selection Waxed Paper Bags

Here’s a great alternative to plastic sandwich bags. Outer packaging is cardboard. Unbleached waxed paper bags can be used in the microwave. As Natural Value’s website suggests: Live well. Spend less. Feel good about the little things you do to … Continue reading

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